Local 706 Make-Up Artist Honored at NY Art Show

Patti Denney

Local 706 and I.A.T.S.E. make-up artist Patti Denney has been working on the set of The Young and the Restless (Y&R) at CBS Television City in Hollywood for 37 years. (Is that some kind of record?) Patti, in charge of the Y&R make-up and hair department as key, is also an accomplished painter and photographer who likes to tell you, “No claim to fame, no degree in art … just a hobby that keeps me up too late, in spite of early calls that we all know (too) well!”

She has been “influenced and inspired” by many styles of art, including modernism, abstract expressionism, impressionism and street art. Experimenting with different media and techniques has been an adventure, sort of like working out of a make-up kit, improvising and combining to get the most pleasing and/or desired result. And her photography helps to save a few canvasses along the way. Her art is not unlike some of the great designs more might find from canvas prints Brisbane, which would like great as part of the home decor.

Recently, Patti responded to an email request from CBS Broadcast Center in New York to Y&R‘s department head, Jody Lawrence, at TV City, Los Angeles. It was an open request to all employees who would like to submit their art and photography for consideration for a seasonal show at the East Coast facility.

“A few of my pieces were chosen by jury,” she said, but she hesitated due to the difficulty of getting the actual pieces to New York. “They hadn’t anticipated a West Coast employee throwing their name in the hat!” But thanks to New York-based artist and curator Mariyah Sultan, Patti’s images were printed and framed for display this summer.

“I was honored, to say the least,” Patti says. “I’m not giving up my day job, just keeping busy and doing an occasional pop-up show. And I’m clogging up the Instagram feed, driving my friends crazy with endless posts. It’s like having a gallery without paying the rent, and it’s open 24 hours (a day).”

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–Jeff Angell, Supervising Editor, The Artisan