District 2 Resources and Free Training

District 2 Resources and
Free Training March 2020

Unemployment Compensation Links

For California: https://www.edd.ca.gov

For Nevada: https://ui.nv.gov/css.html 

For Arizona: https://des.az.gov 

For Hawaii: https://labor.hawaii.gov/ui/ “What You Need to File a CA Unemployment Claim” Worksheet: https://bit.ly/2UHTWQb

Safety, Health and Financial Info:

Go to your state website – search for State Department of Public Health

IATSE Cares www.iatsecares.org  email: [email protected]

IATSE Coronavirus Portal  www.iatse.net

Domestic Violence: Hotline 800-799-7233; Chat: National Domestic Violence Network 

211.org or call 211



CARES Act: CARES Act, http://www.unioncounsel.net/cares_act_cheat_sheet.pdf

MPTF IATSE Relief: https://mptf.com/covid-19-relief-funds/#iatse or (323) 624-3888

California Labor Federation Resource List

Los Angeles Mass Resource List

San Francisco Resources List

Tools for anxiety/Focus/Dealing with Crisis:




Yoga With Adriene – YouTube

You can also google your local Mental Health organizations – many are providing virtual/online consulting. 

Online Courses for Career Development and Training:





https://www.iatsetrainingtrust.org/lil  (takes you to LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com)


Updated list of all Entertainment Technology Trainings during Covid-19:


Home Learning & Food Needs:

Southern Nevada: https://www.threesquare.org/ Northern Nevada: https://fbnn.org/get-involved/volunteer/ Los Angeles, CA: https://achieve.lausd.net/resources, https://www.lafoodbank.org/ Bay Area, CA: https://www.sfmfoodbank.org/ Hawaii: http://www.hawaiifoodbank.org/ Arizona: https://www.azhealthzone.org/summerfood/, http://www.azfoodbanks.org/

Mask Project

There are a number of sources available providing patterns for creating masks as well as suggestions for distribution. Each locale is subject to local and state restrictions. Video examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=161&v=nkf89reikGU&feature=emb_logo https://wgno.com/news/health/coronavirus/local-seamstress-shows-how-to-make-your-own-surgical-ma: 

Other helpful mask-making resources: http://diyn95.com/index.php/make-it-yourself-the-guide/, https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/best-materials-make-diy-face-mask-virus/

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Nationwide: American Red Cross 

In Los Angeles: LA Labor COVID-19 Volunteer Corps

Northern California/Bay Area: https://www.donateppe.org/bayarea, https://sf.gov/be-emergency-volunteer

Encourage members to be prepared for a minimum two weeks of isolation. Avoid hoarding – we are all in this together. Include pet supplies. Have prescriptions filled and spare glasses ready. There are several websites with recommendations for local emergency supplies. 

Thank you so much for partnering with the IATSE Women’s Committee for the benefit of all IATSE members. When posting about this project use #IATSEWomenUP