MPTF Giving Day 09.22.20

SEPT 22, 2020
MPTF Giving Day



Celebrate the voices of the men and women who live on our Wasserman Campus, their beloved Grey Quill Society, and the role MPTF plays in taking good care of our entertainment community family, both on campus and beyond. On its 99th birthday, MPTF Giving Day is so important. Please enjoy these stories and have them inspire you. We can’t help others in our community without your support.


Four amazing and generous celebrities bring short passages from the 3rd Annual Grey Quill Society Review to life. Stories that will make you laugh and cry and remind you of the value of the people we support. And hopefully, the essential nature of an organization like MPTF for the services and support we provide to people in need in our community.

Click to view videos on the MPTF website.


On September 22, on the 99th anniversary of its inception, we celebrate MPTF Giving Day, and we’re asking everyone to be part of our circle of philanthropy. MPTF is a safety net for the entertainment industry—taking care of people in our community, both young and old, working and retired, who, for a wide range of reasons, need our support. This circle cannot exist without individuals just like you. When you feel a connection, a responsibility, and decide to share your good fortune, at whatever level you are able, it completes the circle.